Our Solutions


Main activities

  • project management, sub-contractor
  • welding: stainless-, alloy-, carbon steel
  • construction of pressure vessels and pipelines
  • installation and repair of boilers
  • construction of gas and district heating pipelines
  • manufacturing and installation of steel structures and tanks
  • installation of technical equipment


Main working sites

  • power plants, boilerhouses
  • tankers
  • fuel terminals
  • factories, plants, mills
  • pumping stations


Quality, environment, and occupational health and safety policy

The main quality, environment, and occupational health and safety concepts and principles of SSC are the following:

  • We continiously consider and analyse the wishes, requirements, suggestions and needs of our clients in order to meet, or if possible, surpass the clients expectations.
  • We meet all the requirements set by valid laws and regulations and consider future requirements.
  • We meet the requirements of the integrated management system and are improving the system constantly.
  • We employ competent persons for executing works and train our employees regularly in order to raise their knowledge on quality, environmental and occupational health and safety issues.
  • We cooperate only with subcontractors and suppliers who have received a positive assessment.
  • We use natural recourses optimally.
  • We use materials and technologies that would pollute the environment minimally and would not have any harmful effects on human health and we also inform our clients and business partners of it.
  • We implement methods for avoiding environmental pollution and to ensure occupational health and safety.


Quality, environment, and occupational health and safety policy and objectives are seen through and, if necessary, upgraded at least once a year. All employees will be informed of the changes. In order to put the quality, environment, and occupational health and safety policy into practice a system of objectives has been set that will guarantee the continious development of the company.

Our activities, principles and objective We are focused on providing customer satisfaction and in our everyday work we value the following underlying principles:

  • Pleasant communication and dedication
  • Fast and simple transaction of affairs
  • High sense of duty
  • Firm agreements


The objective of our activities is: To offer a high-quality result, trustworthiness and a long-lasting business partnership; To constantly develop both the company and its employees in order to create modern solutions

Our team All our employees, from the installation team to the management, form a youthful, ambitious, and active team. By working together we are able to achieve all set targets. Our motivated employees always enjoy work and are proud of their achievements. The employees’ competence is guaranteed by training and practical know-how that has gathered up with years of working in the field. By valuing our employees we ensure a safe working environment. In order to maintain it we minimise risks by making sure the occupational health and safety requirements are followed.

Materials, technologies, environment and quality Planning and constructing utility systems presume excellent ability in choosing the right equipment, materials and use the correct technologies. In our work we make sure to use only materials that are of high quality, safe and environmental friendly. We avoid polluting and control the harmful environmental impacts that may arise from our activities.

Quality means a result that is optimal and answers to all requirements. Our installation specialists, site managers and project managers guarantee the construction of technical structures according to all construction norms and best practices.