Our Solutions


1. Place of work: 09.2006–02.2007 Piteå Sverige, BIOPANNAN
Type of job: DN: 15-250mm.
Material: 1.4307; 1.4432; P235.
Volume: 7400h.

2. Place of work: 03.2007–06.2007 Ropsten 3, Stockholm,.Fortum.
Type of job: DN: 100-400mm.
Material: 1.4457; 1.4432; P235.
Volume: 1000h.

3. Place of work: 03.2007–10.2007 Obbola Sverige, SOODAPANNA SCA.
Type of job: DN: 10-450mm.
Material: 1.4457; 1.4432; P235; 16Mo3.
Volume: 18000h.
Customer: SCA

4. Place of work: 12.2007–01.2008 Ropsten, PRE-WASH, Stockholm
Fortum AB.
Type of job: DN: 80-200mm.
Material: 1.4432;
Volume: 1800h.Customer: Fortum AB

5. Place of work: 02.2008-01.2010. Södertälje,Söderenergi AB. Sverige
Phase: 1; 2; 3; 4.
Type of job: DN: 20-900mm.
Material: 1.4432; P235; 16Mo3; 10CrMo4-5; X10.
Volume: 35000h.Customer: Söderenergi AB

6. Place of work: 02.2009-01.2010. Projekt Hornsberg.Fortum AB. Sverige.
Type of job: DN: 20-1000mm.
Material: 1.4432; P235; 1.4307.
Volume: 20000h.
Customer: Fortum AB

7. Place of work: 06.2008.– Värtaverket. Sverige. Fortum AB
ABB katla (KVV-6) service.
Volume: 12000h.
Customer: Fortum AB

8. Place of work: 03.2011-06.2012.– FQM Kevitsa Mining Oy
Material P235-400000t; Raex-200000t
Customer: FQM Kevitsa Mining Oy